Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Sam

Yep, I know that these proud grandparents are always bombarding you with stories and pictures of grandkids - Flora, Sam, and Lucy. I remember when we used to say about Sarah and Jeff that we only have granddogs from that union so far. Not true now with Sam on the scene - does it seem odd to you that Rudy and Georgia, the Golden Retrievers, have taken a back seat in the Dodson household?

We have had dogs, but now are feline folks. My thoughts this morning went back to our Shepherdstown family. Rachael and John's neighbor at the time had the "ugliest cat in the world". The cat's name was Dexter. It was ancient, shriveled, scabby, almost toothless, drooled, and every time I would see this critter my thoughts were that it had escapd from a Stephen King novel! This was not a cat that one would want in your lap!

You all remember Sam (not grandson this time), the famous little pup that won the 2005 "World's Ugliest Dog Contest". This was Sam's third year winning the coveted title. I loved the description that was provided by the Associated Press in describing this little Chinese Crested Dog.

They stated:

The tiny dog has no hair, if you do not count the yellowish-white tuff coming from his head. His wrinkled brown skin is covered with splotches, a line of warts marches down his snout, his blind eyes are alien, milky white, and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from his withered neck. And there are the Auston Powers teeth that jut at odd angles.

He is so ugly that the judges recoiled when they placed him on the table.

Sam passed into doggie heaven in mid-November of 2005 of age related ailments.

This dog made the internet circles, but if you happened to miss Sam - here he be!


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