Monday, September 08, 2008

Sammy's Saturday's Visit

Sarah and Sammy visited us on Saturday. Dad Jeff was on the way to Greenville, NC, to watch the WVU and East Carolina football game. They were playing at four o'clock on Saturday. WVU did awful with the final score being East Carolina 24 and WVU 3!! Poor Jeff and his friend, Chris, did not make it home until around 3 A.M. on Sunday.

Sam loves to feed the koi in the pond. We think it is great to watch this kid when he sees the big catfish approach him.

Grandpa decided that he and Sam needed to go on a safari to collect critters. It has been so dry that beasts were difficult to locate.

Hurray! One stupid earthworm was finally located. Grandpa gave Sam a lecture on the biology and ecology of Lumbricus (genus of earthworms). He was sooooo attentive.

Sam is a fast learner. He now knows the wonders of worms so, when he starts preschool, he will startle the teacher with his knowledge of these segmented critters!

Worm hunting really makes a guy hungry!

It was a great visit! Thanks for sharing.


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