Friday, September 05, 2008

Gilmer County Farm Show

The 2008 Gilmer County Farm Show is currently in progress and will end tomorrow, Sept. 6. The annual show is held at the Gilmer County Recreation Center and is sponsored annually by the WVU-Gilmer Extension Service, Gilmer County's Farm Bureau, and several other local agricultural, women's and youth groups.

Judy and I checked out the garden produce competition. We love the vegetables.

The peppers were great. I think the variegations you can see in these vegetables are really beautiful.

I think this large potato needs a dermatologist! Guess the judges did not mind the "warts".

Boy, with the pumpkins now being harvested, it is a stark realization that October is just around the corner.

There are many divisions that folks may enter. It is super to see the canning process in its glory.

Weaving, quilting, and other sewing crafts are on display. The blue ribbon winner in the middle is a quilt made of antique handerchiefs.

Bonnie Drake displayed her antique doll house.

As we looked at the displays, we noticed that our friend, Karen Kuhl, and her sister, Mary, had a plethora of entries. I am certain that they came to the Recreation Center with their many exhibits driving U-Hauls!


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