Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good-bye and Hello!

As you can see our 1994 GMC Sonoma truck with 65,000 actual miles was for sale. While I was in Seebert with sister Judy and Mom, the good wife made the signs and sold the vehicle within a couple of days. I think that we put only 20,000 miles on it in the ten years that we owned it. My friends always made jokes about my teal truck with pink stripes! We drove it locally to haul mulch (not often) and go when our 1999 Voyager van was in the shop.

The 1999 Voyager is now at the doctor's getting the deer damage repaired. Think it should be finished sometime next week. It has now 182,000 miles on it and we did not even consider for a moment selling this van. It has been an amazing vehicle. My theory is that preventive maintenance is the key to keeping a vehicle healthy. Yep, oil is changed ever 3000 miles.

On Monday we said "Hello" to a new 2008 Grand Caravan.

This critter has all the perks - stow-and-go leather seats with heaters front and rear, back-up camera system, Sirrus radio system, automatic doors and hatch, etc.

I have to start reading the book so I will learn which button to push!


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