Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Fishing Trip With Mom!

This Tuesday through Thursday was another adventure with our 84 year old Mom. Sister Judy, Mom, and I stayed at the Seebert Hilton. We are so blessed to be able to have Mom healthy and enjoying life.

Pix and Dan's house has a wonderful screened in porch. This was the site of most of our canasta tournaments. We did play a couple games of ten penny rummy, but canasta is Mom's all time favorite card game.

Wednesday evening we went to Watoga Lake and Mom was eager to catch "THE BIG ONE".

Pix and Dan have a needlepoint on the living room wall that says - God give me strength to catch a fish, So big that even I, When telling of it afterwards, Have no need to lie. I keep that fisherman's prayer in mind when I am throwing out my line.

I caught a few small bluegills and bass. I did hook a VERY LARGE bass! (Must have been 21 inches - what about that prayer I mentioned?) It was large, and I am not used to tackling a large fish these days with my ultra-light pole with 7 pound test line. The ole pole was bending and straining- I tried to manhandle it and I did not play him so he would loose energy. I reeled hard - SNAP- the line broke! Only good thing was that if I had successfully landed the bass - you know Mom would make us clean it and fix it for her breakfast!

Before we left the valley, we stopped by Miss Diller's craft shop. She is a sweet lady and has interesting items in her shop.

What a great time to be able to share this experience! Retirement is good!


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