Wednesday, September 17, 2008

71 Years of Marriage
We were invited last month to dinner at Stonewall Jackson Resort by our friends, Kuzem and Sondra Nasseri. The date was August 20th. On that day Kazem and Sondra celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. We have been married just a little longer - 41 years.

I was Kazem's best man at their wedding. They are, indeed, a special couple in our lives. Sondra worked as our secretary in the 1970's at GSC. She is the one who kept things straight. I do not know how we continued to function after she left to move to the Clarksburg area. Sondra was the one with eyes for detail. "Jim. do you realize that you have two colors of socks on today!"

Kazem is a hard-working and gentle man. He and Sondra are those type of folks that would help you in any way possible.


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