Tuesday, September 02, 2008

West Virginia Plays Villanova

We followed Sam, Jeff, and Sarah up the hill and to our seats in the stadium.

Jeff and members of his medical team have purchased box seats. I am so naive that I was not certain what this meant. I found out quickly that this was a good thing!

These shaded seats are located at the end of the stadium facing the goal post. There are flat screen TV's on each end on the seating area that televise the game. The televisions are on a 5 second delay so one can check out the action in replay and up close.

A free buffet was available in this area. The area is also climate controlled in case you are a wimp and can not stand the heat in the outside seats.

Grandma decided that the asiago chicken was yummy! Grandpa thinks that this arrangement beats the Appalachian Power buffet last week and even the tailgating food this day!

Sam is ready to take in all the activities.

The West Virginia Mountainer prepares his trusty musket!

The Villanova Wildcat strucks his "stuff". He had to be warm in that outfit!

We were impressed with the WVU cheerleading team.

The game begins with the team running through the helmet tunnel.

When WVU earns a touchdown, a member of the chearleading team runs the flag around the perimeter of the field. I would have loved to do that!

The WVU Band is so impressive. Sarah gets teary eyed when they play "Simple Gifts". She is not certain why this happens.

Sammy kept saying "Go Mountaineers!"

The stadium was sold out and the folks certainly created a super sea of gold.

Final score was WVU 48 and Villanova 21.

Dad and Sammy were happy with the first WVU game. Jeff said the defense needs some work. I agreed! (CHUCKLE)


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