Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Uncle Gene and Aunt Ethel
On Sunday we traveled to Gene and Ethel Poole's 60th wedding celebration in Parkersburg. Aunt Ethel is the sister of Judy's late Dad, Carl Musgrave. There were six children in the family. Ethel is the last living member of that family.

This amazing couple is posing by a sketch that was made on their 40th anniversary.

Uncle Gene and daughter, Debbie, are looking at the Amish marble machine that he purchased in Ohio. He likes to tinker in his workshop so he immediately came home and duplicated this neat wooden toy.

What is this? Guess the romantic flame is still burning.

Notice that after the kiss that Aunt Ethel has that michievous grin. I am certain that is the same grin she had when she first kissed Uncle Gene!

Here is the Poole family. The folks have three wonderful daughters. In the photo above are Janet, Karen, Ethyl, Gene, and Debbie.


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