Monday, September 01, 2008

The Tailgating Experience

As you can see from the above photo, Sammy is decked out in his WVU attire along with blue gel for his hair.

We all donned our WVU shirts. Sarah was the only one of us who had her WVU toes on display! Sarah and Jeff thought we needed to experience the gourmet delights of tailgating.

Grandma Meads is helping to erect the WVU flags that will fly over our tailgate.

Sarah purchased this expandable pole that will fly the blue and gold about 25 feet above the Honda.

The table is being prepared. We made handrolled Greek pita bread along with fresh hummus. Grandma made blueberry muffins and they were supplemented with pepperoni rolls, chips and dip, and other goodies.

Sam, the Man, ate his WVU fare. For some reason, he charmed all the folks passing by our table.

Tailgating is quite the experience. This unique cultural event is amazing. I did not photograph the fancy RVs with their grills and picnic tables.

One sees a plethora of sights. It seems the preferred beverage is something made with fermented hops!

Kids are continually passing footballs in the parking area. They are, I am sure, anticipating the upcoming game.

This fellow was grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. I wanted to ask if I could trade some hummus and pita bread for a grilled dog. I do not know why I did not make that friendly offer - guess it is because I am sooooo shy!

We are off to walk the hill up to the WVU stadium. Tomorrow- The Game!


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