Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Memorial Accident!

We were all tired puppies when we returned home from Vally Worlds of Fun!  Judy and I took a little nap.  At around 5:30 we arose from our geriatric slumber to find Sarah getting snacks ready. I looked up to see Sarah grimace and become pale.  She had sliced her finger as she was cutting watermelon.  Jeff arrived immediately from next door and surveyed the wound.  Yep, she had sliced into the fatty tissue, but luckily missed a tendon! 

Sarah, Jeff, Moi (that's me!), and Mom headed to Jeff's new dermatology office so he could stitch the finger.  As we entered the building, contract floor folks were working and said that there was fresh wax on the floor and we could not walk on it.  Wrong!  We did take off the shoes and headed to a procedure room.

PROBLEM!  Jeff injected the nova cane at the base of the finger.  The finger had swollen greatly by this time and her two wedding rings were solidly  embedded in the finger tissue.  Jeff tried Vaseline to no avail.  No matter of tugging would move the orbs.  Jeff had to get the rings off immediately because the swelling would soon cause tissue damage.

Jeff ran to the first floor where the Med Express folks have an office.  He brought back ring cutters.  Dr. Moreno gave him an additional suggestion.  He said that he had luck in extracting rings by spraying Windex on the finger.  (Sounds strange?) 

Jeff and I soaked the finger and rings.  As I continued to spray he was able to pull the rings off the finger.  (May I add with great force - but it worked!)

Sarah was now ready for stitches.  Eight well placed stitches closed the cut.

We returned the ring cutter and thanked Dr. Moreno for his assistance.

Also on the first floor and across from the Med Express unit is a pharmacy.  Sarah got some antibiotics.  Finally we were ready to return home.  Her finger is throbbing, but the critter is on the mend.

The following picture was posted on her Face Book page.

Alas, another of life's adventures was completed!


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