Monday, May 21, 2012

Second Farmers Market
Of The Season

Yes, it was a beautiful Saturday (May 19th)!  Lenora Marks welcomed me to the market with the colorful blossoms of her hanging baskets.

Friend Jackie was cooking up some goulash served with cheese biscuits. 

Bruce Farmer ate two helpings.  He is just a growing boy!

Don Kelble and Bill Bennett were, I am certain, solving world problems.

Gene Breza was busy working on his leather craft.  Gene also had some neat house plants for sale.

The Phares family arrived.  Logan purchased from Gene a huge Giant Aloe plant.

The Farmers Market is such a great gathering of community and friends.  June Nonnenberg and Kim Jones are always a joy.  These are special ladies!

Sadie Kelble was busy with Folk Festival activities.  She was selling chances on a log storage building (see the Lincoln Log model to her right).  Sadie also had chances on a lovely West Virginia themed quilt.

Oh no!  Dan accidentally hit the log model.  As I was leaving, he was busy trying to reconstruct the model.

Mayor Tasha arrived with pepperoni rolls.

Debbie Farmer is always busy in her booth.  She had lamb and wool crafts for sale.

Who is my Lady hugging?  It is Don - I am not jealous!

The plants were amazing.

It was a great morning!


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