Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a Week!

You certainly need a summary of last week's adventure.  The week started out with a celebration of Mother's Day at the church.  After the service, we went into the Fellowship Hall and cleared the area and closets of all furniture.  Several months ago the church experienced carpet damage due to a malfunctioning water fountain.  The area needed to cleared at this time so that the carpet folks could start their work on Monday.

One of our great helpers was Shawn Steele.  This lad is a good person and is strong as an ox!

Judy and I were off to Clarksburg on Monday to get portraits shot by Joe McNemar at D-Max Studios in Stonewood.  Joe is an exceptional photographer.  He did a great job and was so wonderful during the photo shoot.

On Tuesday we had a county Retired Teachers meeting at the Senior Citizens Center.

Wednesday was a special time.  Our daughter, Rachael, stayed the night.  She had a meeting in Charleston on Thursday.  This evening we celebrated with a special supper (Baby Back Ribs) and a birthday cake.  Rachael is the oldest of our two daughters and her birthday is May 19th.

As Rachael left for her meeting on Thursday, Judy and I traveled to Bridgeport to see our kids.  We had lunch at one our favorite Italian eateries in Gel Elk - tis Julios Cafe.

Across from the train station in the old Elk Point section of Clarksburg, Julio's is a first-rate Italian restaurant with a tin ceiling, carved wooden bar, and plush leather booths that are, incongruously, outfitted with Lava Lites. While the food is excellent, and clearly prepared by a chef (Maria) with superb culinary expertise, prices are reasonable and service is neighborhood-friendly.

A printed menu lists lots of inviting pastas including four different versions of pasta e fagiole – with cream sauce, with marinara, with potatoes and kale, and en brodo that twinkles with fennel – and primavera made with uncooked vegetables in red sauce. But some of the best dishes are not in print; waitresses recite extremely appetizing lists of the day's appetizers, entrees and desserts. 

After her Charleston meeting, Rachael met us at Sarah's and Jeff's house.  The three of us traveled to Morgantown to see a wonderful show - Bowfire.  . 

Bowfire is a Canadian musical group featuring multiple violins, established in June 2000 by violinist and composer Lenny Solomon.  They perform an eclectic mix of classical music, jazz, bluegrass music, Celtic music, rock music, and world music.

One of the group's most popular compositions is "Fiddler in the Hood." They also perform covers of well known tunes such as Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."

Formed in June 2000, Bowfire made its debut performance the following month at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. Audience response was wildly enthusiastic, and the group was subsequently invited to perform on the Governor-General's Awards telecast.

It was a fantastic entertainment experience.  Tomorrow- what did we do Friday?  Do Not Change This Channel!


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