Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lions Club Carnival

This week has been dry and hot.  It is a rarity when the Lions Club sponsors their carnival that we have such fine weather.  The carnival is usually cursed with rain and impressive storms.  

Congratulations to the Lions Club folks for this years carnival.  I think scheduling was the key to this year's success.  Gambill Amusements have a great carnival this year - best in years.  In the past we had to share the rides with Calhoun County's Wood Festival - this event begins next week.  So instead of breaking the carnival into two units, the full team arrived in Glenville.

The carnival was setup with a series of midway games. This gave a true carnival atmosphere to this event.

There were so many rides for all ages.  (Except for me!)

Bungy jumping has now made its way into carnival life.

The real joy is watching the kids!


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