Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Morning to all and happy holiday!  I have thoughts on this day of all the blessings we have and those who served in the Armed Forces.  Thank you!

What a Memorial Day weekend!   We arrived Friday in Bridgeport and were welcomed by Saran and Jeff's profusely blooming Clematis.  Judy and I meet the kids at the Bridgeport Country Club for supper.

We ate with friends Zack and Krista and their family.  The newest addition to Zack and Krista's family is Julianna.  What a great smile on that gal!

The talk of the evening was the birthday event the next day.  Sarah and Jeff were having a birthday party for both Sam and Nate at the Valley Worlds of Fun in Fairmont.

You can see the excitement on Nate's face.

 After the supper, the grandparents headed back to the house.  The boys did some golfing with Mom and Dad.  (That is another story that I am not at liberty to relate!!) 

Tomorrow's Post - The Party


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