Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday and Saturday
Restoring the Fellowship Hall

On Friday, Judy and I returned to Glenville from our Bridgeport adventure around 3:00 P.M.  We went directly to the Presbyterian Church.  The carpet folks were just finishing up so we decided to get into work mode.  Judy and I, Bruce and Debbie, Pastor Charlie, and Shawn Steele carried all the furniture and boxes back into the newly carpeted Fellowship Hall from its storage area in the Sanctuary.  Friend and Master Carpenter, David Meyer, arrived to cut and shorten the doors in the bathrooms and kitchen in order to compensate for the thickness of the newly laid tile.

The job of completing this restoration task was completed around 6 P.M. on Saturday.  The Fellowship Hall is now back in good order.

The Pastor's study is ready for Pastor Charlie to make his nest.

The sanctuary is now free of storage items from the Fellowship Hall.  Tis ready for services this day!

Next blog- Yesterday's Farmers Market in Glenville, March 19th.


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