Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sam and Nate's Birthday Party

Around 11A.M. on Saturday morning, we stopped by Bake-N-Memories bakery and picked up the birthday cake.  Yes, the theme was Angry Birds.

Sarah and all her helpers readied the room for the party.  Mom Meads is an excellent helper!  Sarah and Jeff had ordered chicken strips and pizza for the kids.  There was also yummy baked Italian pasta.

The party was on with hungry party goers quickly devouring the food.

Here is the way to travel.  Zack cuddled a sleeping Julianna.

It was no surprise that Flora ate the chicken strips.  She is really changing into a fine young lady.

Sam tried to make an Angry Bird face.  I think he failed on this attempt.

Opening presents is a must.  You will notice that Nate used the "throw over the shoulders" technique.

It was a hot day, but that did not stop the kids from running from one ride to another.  Lucy is trying to figure out how to make the Bumper Cars go.  Step on pedal and keep turning the wheel until you start down the road.

Many rides are located inside within the Valley Worlds of Fun complex.  Slides, spinning teacups, and even a roller coaster that goes both frontward and then reverse itself and goes backwards.

The kids divided into two teams - the Angry Birds and the Pigs- and were readied to play laser tag.

Sarah helped Flora don her laser tag vest.  The Pigs won!

It was a fun day.  By the end of the party, the cake did not look as appetizing.

Tomorrow's post - An accident that was scarey!


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Birthday was a real fun day. I am planning a bridal shower for my sister in law at one of the royal New York venues in a couple of weeks. Already hired the caterers and bakers. Will finalize Dj and photographer in a day or so. Have made pretty invitations for all beautiful girls. Looking for a memorable gift for our adorable bride.

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