Friday, March 25, 2011

Top of Cabin Mountain

Saturday evening at dusk Bob and Janet transported us to Timberline Lodge in order that we may participate in the Snow Luau Festival. There were live Hawaiian music with a bonfire.

Here is our motley crew.

Fireworks were set off on top on Cabin Mountain as a plethora of skiers with blazing torches descended from the slopes. It was as if lava were pouring from the mountain.

This was a most moving experience and we thank Bob and Janet for sharing this event and the weekend with us. When we left the celebration, we were welcomed by the HUGE moon rising above the ridge line.

Gary, Anna Belle, Judy, and I left from Timberline on Sunday morning. After a lunch at C.J. Maggie's, we arrived back in Glenville mid afternoon. As we always say- we are so blessed to have friends!


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