Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top of Cabin Mountain

Janet, David, Anna Belle, Judy, and I decided on Saturday afternoon to travel to Thomas and check out the Colabrese Brothers Hardware. This is the town of Thomas last original store and was established in 1932.

This store is a treat for the eyes.

The clerk is "forcing" Judy to smell the wonderful herbs and teas. The olfactory sense does provide an increase in her sales. True to that fact, Judy did add to the economy of that business.

Still having some desire to alleviate ourselves of hard earned cash, our last shopping venue was Mountain Made. The building below is just across from the Mountain Made shop. This building was an administration building during the coal boom. Mountain Made was their company store.

Davis is honing his musical skills. He really needed to be accompanied by a banjo and fiddle.

It was an excellent Saturday afternoon outing.


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