Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Seebert Adventure

Our good friends offered (well, we also asked!) for Judy and me to stay at the cottage along the Greenbrier for last week. Monday was a sunny day with temperatures in the 50's.

It turned cold and massive rains visited our abode the next few days. No problem! We were warm and cozy in the cottage and enjoyed reading, movies, and card games. It is so neat that after 44 years of marriage to still enjoy being with the one you love.

It may have been raining outside, but the gourmet food inside was sunny and yummy. Here is a meal of asparagus, stir fried shrimp, salad, and new red potatoes.

WAIT! What do we see below. Yes, my friends, it is ramp time in these hills.

I cleaned the ramps and Miss Judy fried them. It is always a welcome treat to start spring with this celebration of the rampson.

I did venture into Marlinton and checked on the Greenbrier River. The river was full to its banks but not near close to flooding into the town.

We did venture out for a small walk during this period of cold rain.

A goose was happily scouring the river bank for tasty morsels.

Tomorrow you will find in the blog that weather improves.


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