Monday, March 21, 2011

On the Top of Cabin Mountain

Our friends, Bob and Janet, are in the process of finishing their house which is located at the highest point on Cabin Mountain in Timberline, Canaan Valley. They are amazing folks. The were super to invite three families to their house this past weekend.

Their house is perched 1000 feet above the floor of Canaan Valley and above the tree line. Notice the bank behind the garage. At the top of the bank, only a few yards away is the boundary of the Dolly Sods Wilderness area.

The panorama of the site is breath taking.

Bob, Janet, and Judy are waiting for David who is head librarian at Frostburg University in Maryland . We had the pleasure of riding with Gary and Annabelle. It was a delight to share news of family and friends. Gary, David, Bob, and I taught together at Glenville State College.

Bob is such an a skilled carpenter, mason, electrician, and the list goes on. Janet helps with the construction. What skilled and talented individuals! Janet is still teaching in high school and Bob is an expert botany professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio. Bob is showing us the plethora of fossils that can be found in the Pottsville conglomerate in their front yard.

We had wonderful meals. Annabelle and Gary fixed Friday evening's meal. Judy and I supplied Saturday's dinner. Jan and Bob made the great breakfasts.

Below is one of the many valley views from the windows in the dining areas. All windows of the house provide spectacular scenes.

I was interested in the vegetation located around the house at this time of the year. It did not take long to discover large areas of club mosses (trailing ground pine).

Tomorrow the adventure on the top of Cabin Mountain continues.


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