Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Snapshots of Glenville Farmers Market

As you know I loved the market on Saturday with its working 1850's cider mill. Hugs go to the EDA for their efforts in starting this community service. You can tell that fall is here (started yesterday). Burl Kimble and Judy are purchasing home ground corn meal from Ken Townsend.

The Gilmer County honey bees have been active. There are many opportunities to purchase locally produced honey. It is excellent.

John Waddell is enjoying some gourmet delights. A great aspect of this market is that it brings our community together. What a neat time to visit with friends and also buy yummy produce!

That Donna Waddell was still busy with the cider press. (See yesterday's blog.) Here she comes with more apples.!

The Gilmer Historical Society was selling sassafras tea and other canned and baked goods. Margaret Moss is shown here tending the Historical Society's booth.

I got so into picture taking that I forgot to purchase peppers. Eat them raw- HOT! Stuff them with a meat mixture and bake - yummy with very little heat!

The pumpkins can only mean that fall has arrived!

Even the little critters can plow through a whole apple.

This gentleman was actively cooking peppers.

I believe the stir fry was going to be sausages with peppers and onions. We had to leave before the gourmet dish was finished. I will certainly check next week and see what the Farmers Market has again to offer.


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