Monday, September 22, 2008

Gilmer Farmers Market Revisited

This past Saturday was a most special market. The team of Donna and John Waddell and friends put David Millard's 1850's cider mill into action. Apples were ground, pressed, and made into a most delicious taste of fall. You will notice below how skillful Donna is in throwing the apples into the top chamber of the mill! There is no fear in husband John's face because he knows she can place apples into the chamber easily at 20 paces!

Donna and John had some expert helpers.

Dan is preparing the cheese cloth.

The smell of freshly ground apples was amazing.

The cider mill experts distributed fresh juice to the crowd. Donna said she took home four gallons and canned it. If you get some time next Saturday, stop by for a taste of the freshest cider possible!


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