Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater

Friday evening Mom, Judy, and I headed to Elkins to eat at the newly opened Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater.

It is always a blessing to have Mom Meads with us.

The food and service were excellent. The meal consisted of a half of a roasted chicken, green beans, baked potatoes, wonderful rolls, slaw, and a dessert.

The personnel and staff of the dinner theater were extremely friendly and helped us in every way possible.

The skills of the performers were excellent. I believe they are still honing the production. The songs were songs that we would not have selected. (We believe that the American Mountain theater has a better show selection.) The real problem was the sound system was much too loud for the size of the theater.

We drove home with a huge full moon lighting our path. As we left Elkins, the windmills on the ridge tops were silhouetted against the evening sky. It was a good evening.


Blogger sophia said...

Hello Sir and Madam,
Mom Meads is so sweet and i like your narrative...
have a good day

12:26 AM  

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