Sunday, July 10, 2011


We do not exaggerate when we say that the Thomas fireworks show was spectacular. It is amazing that a small town can collect enough money to put on this extensive of a fireworks celebration.

The mortars that contained the firework shells were located across the Blackwater River just opposite Front Street in Thomas.

The Thomas Volunteer Fire Department has accepted the responsibility of getting donations, purchasing, and administering the fireworks during this event.

Kids on the street were selling sky lanterns for $3 a piece. These are usually made of thin paper formed into the shape of a hot air balloon. There is a heat source - usually a fire on a wire below the lantern which heats up the air inside and allowing the lantern to rise.

I was thinking that we may be viewing the burning of Thomas. These lanterns are definitely a possible fire hazard.

As sky lanterns contain a flame, there is the danger that they can cause a fire when landing on flammable ground. They can achieve quite a height and launching them in strong winds is not recommended. After the balloon lands, the leftover thin wire frame may present a hazard to any animal tempted to swallow it. China has banned sky lanterns due to hazard to aircraft
. It is illegal to launch a sky lantern in most parts of Germany, and in the remaining areas where use is technically legal, it is still necessary to obtain advance permission from local authorities. In Austria it is illegal to produce, sell, or import them, or to distribute them in any other way.

We returned at 11 P.M. to our room and were exhausted from all the excitement of the day! Hark, a surprise! - we opened the door to our lodge room and discovered an anniversary present delivered by the woodland elves. Here were goodies that included cheese cake, chocolate cake, fruit (melon balls, grapes, strawberries), and a bottle of cold wine.

The card indicated that this surprise was orchestrated by Nate and Sam. Thanks guys!

Tomorrow - Church on the Gorge


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