Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Day

What a glorious Tuesday! We decided that the best place for breakfast was The Flying Pig! We checked out of the lodge and headed to Thomas once again.

I had a breakfast burrito and Miss Judy selected....

pumpkin pancakes. The pancakes were great as was the burrito.

Judy, the quilter, noticed the bloodhound themed quilt hanging on the wall.

Speaking of the bloodhound... seems Manny got into trouble. Upon exiting the restaurant, we noticed to our left these interesting benches made of skis.

To our right was our friend, Manny, who was in big trouble with his owner. Seems as if he had been out all night carousing in the forest with a friend. The friend happened to be a bear cub. The last they saw of this fine dog was when he was frolicking with the bear cub in the meadow. He finally returned home to the restaurant for food.
Judy wanted to buy a copy of Tucker County History so we stopped at the Mountain-Made Shop.

They were out of the book so we headed toward Canaan Valley State Park where we planned on an afternoon of swimming before we headed back to Glenville.

We did find Judy's book at the Canaan Valley Wildlife Center.

We were not impressed with this interpretive center.

We arrived at the pool around 2:00 in the afternoon. We had rented earlier in the afternoon a condo in Deerfield Village - so we can have another mini-vacation with the granddaughters this month.

This pool in Canaan Valley State Park has always been one of our favorites.

It was another great day to be alive. This ends our blog of the Tucker County Anniversary Special. Hope you have enjoyed our ramblings.


Blogger Crusty said...

I'm fairly recent follower of your blog and really enjoy your pictures and well documented narrative. Thank You
Crusty Old Codger

6:40 AM  
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Blogger sophia said...

Hi Tim
you write very well..and i sincerely like your blogs..bye sophia

12:44 PM  

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