Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The White Room

After Sunday's breakfast at the lodge, we decided that we would have breakfast in Thomas at The Flying Pig. This was a recommendation from Sam, our waiter last evening at Sirianni's Cafe in the valley. Look who welcomed us into his restaurant! This is Manny, a registered bloodhound, who is raised by one of the two ladies who owns The Flying Pig.

What jowls! What slobber!

After a fine breakfast, Judy and I decided to stop by the gallery of The White Room.

This shop is an eclectic presentation of really unique and interesting crafts and art.

The sculptures were so interesting.

I love how one can make art out of the simplest things. How's this for a modification in an old air conditioner into a piece of art?

A hole in the wall is framed and lite - bingo, you have another interesting piece.

This was a good start to Monday's adventure. Check in tomorrow!


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