Thursday, July 07, 2011

Our 44th Anniversary

We left Glenville on the morning of July 2nd. Judy and I planned a three night Tucker County mini-vacation to celebrate our 44th anniversary. Our marriage occurred on July 2, 1967 at 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon. (How would I remeber this?) We arrived at Blackwater Falls lodge in the afternoon. This is one of our favorite areas. Blackwater Gorge is always impressive anytime of the year.

I always wonder when I walk to the overlook located behind the lodge....

what important and rare objects have been placed in the time capsule? Guess I will never know. In 2062, I will be 116 years old!

After checking into our room, Judy and I headed to Thomas. Thomas was celebrating Mountaineer days this day with a variety of events including crafts, an Elvis concert, and even fireworks.

The town was bustling. As we walked down the steps from Front Street to the old railroad grade where the crafts were located, several kids shouted, "Watch Out! There is a snake under the steps!!" I picked up the garter snake and saved it by placing it in the weeds by the river.

Tomorrow - The Elvis Concert!!


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