Sunday, May 29, 2011

Atlantic Beach

You will notice that in all our beach locations throughout our road trip, the population of people on the beach is sparse. I am certain that it will be different once school is out.

Atlantic Beach is a small town of 1,781 people. It has been a popular seaside vacation town since the 1920s. Atlantic Beach is on Bogue Banks, part of the southern Outer Banks chain of barrier islands, between Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. The nearby communities of Pine Knoll Shores and Salter Path are often considered to be part of Atlantic Beach.

Here is the back of The Windjammer.

This pier is located beside the Sheraton Hotel and within a short walking distance of our hotel.

I checked out the invertebrate populations that live on the pier and survive in this intertidal zone.

The fellow below is more interested in fishing for the marine vertebrates.

The ocean is so different from our mountain ecosystem. Judy and I enjoy the beach, but it is always wonderful to see the mountains when we travel back to Glenville.

There was not a possibility of seeing a fine sunrise on the ocean on Atlantic Beach. The reason is that this barrier island is unique in that it is oriented East and West. Sunrise is on the end of the island.

Tomorrow- Fort Macon


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