Thursday, May 26, 2011

Start of Our Road Trip

On Sunday, May 8, 2011, we left home around 10 A.M. and started our road trip to the barrier islands of North Carolina. This is one of the few times that we decided not to pre-plan our hotels and just see where the road leads us. Remember the TV show, On The Road With Charles Kuralt?

For lunch we stopped by one of our favorite places, Tamarack.

This gal was still smoking. She just has to address her addiction problem.

There were ladies of class in Tamarack this day. Do not know what part of the brier patch she lives in, but it must be an upscale neighborhood.

We were wondering where one might hang a $200 bird house. Surely not outside!

Once we finished lunch and some more looking at all the fine crafts .....

....down the interstates toward North Carolina we went! (Sounds like a possibility for a great song)

We made it to the Raleigh area and stayed the night at a a fine Wingate Inn in Garner, NC Tomorrow we arrive on The Crystal Coast.


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