Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Windjammer

We found this neat hotel with an ocean view up the road from Emerald Isle at Atlantic Beach. The folks here were great. We were going to stay one night and ended up staying three!

This hotel is privately owned. The owner has done a fine job in establishing several great water features. Note the cabana beds located under the white columns.

Behind the cabana beds and closer to the ocean were a series of hammocks.

Here is a tourist (from Glenville, WV, most likely!) relaxing in the woven lattice of the hammocks.

Here is another Appalachian tourist taking his beauty nap. (Man, does he need it!)

From our 4th floor room, we not only could see the ocean and water features, but the hot tub and patio area. The swimming pool was located to the left of the hot tub. That pool was too cold for we geriatrics - the hot tube was more our speed.

Tomorrow- on the beach.


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