Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sam's 5th Birthday

You will notice the wonderful meatballs being prepared. Sarah has everything needed for gourmet preparation. Who knew they sell special goggles designed to be used when dicing onions? No tears from those eyes!

Nate is already ready for a party. When we say, "Nate, show us your scrunchy face", here is what we get.

Lucy was in a posing mood. Cute!

Sam received an early present from his Mom and Dad - number five - his soccer number and his age. Sam loves sports and especially basketball. Basketball was the theme of the party. I swear this photo is not stretched. Guess it is the way the shirt extends down his pants.

Around 3:oo the kids and their families arrived and it was time for the Dodson family to feed the masses.

Sarah and her friends rolled over 300 pork/beef meatballs for this party. (I was concerned that we may run out of these delightful orbs - NOT!)

After the lunch of meatballs, salad, chicken strips, and other goodies, it was cake time. Yes, the cake continued the basketball theme and the number five.

You have to love the cupcake cake. It certainly is a great alternative when you have a lot of kids. No cake cutting - just break away the cupcakes and hand them to the waiting crowd. Sam blew out his candles (which were, of course, basketball candles).

Aunt Judy sampled the meatballs, but it was not long that she had...

...a cupcake in hand. I really do not know why John is looking so perplexed.

Grandma Great will on June 13th be 87 years young. We are so blessed to have her with us.

My lovey wife attacked the cake with gusto!

It was a great party. I will leave this blog with another of Nate's "scrunchy faces".

Tomorrow we start the Jim and Judy road trip.


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