Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grandsons Visit

Yesterday we had visitors at our house. Sarah, Sam, and Nate shared the day with us. We had lunch with the kids and our good friend, Diana.

After lunch, Grandma had a scavenger hunt. The boys found Hersey's chocolate kisses hidden in the backyard.

Before supper, we were off to visit our friend David and his critters. He had new kids that were born in the past few days. As we approached the goat enclosure, there was a neat sight.

Henry is the beautiful rooster who roosts on the back of any tolerant goat. What a funny scene!

Sam and Nate enjoyed the quality goat petting.

The young Nubian kids are so cute,

It is such a joy to see the young goats scampering and climbing the rocks.

It was certainly a fun day!


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