Monday, May 23, 2011

We are Back!
Sam's Graduation

Sorry, blog readers, that the May postings were sparse. Judy and I have been on a road trip to the barrier islands of North Carolina. We will share our trip with you, but need to address this weekend first.

On Friday, Sam graduated from preschool. It was a joy to watch the kids sing.

Sam was the first to get his "diploma" and walk across the stage and down the aisle. It was not that he was the first alphabetically, but grandparents were certain that it was because he graduated at the top of his class!(chuckle)

The kids shared in graduation cake and punch.

Here be the proud parents!

We love to see the many generations present at this celebration.

Aunt Rachael was checking out Sam's artwork.

In the fall, Sam will be in kindergarten! Wow!

The teacher was proud of the flower bed that all the kids had planted. Rach and I were certain that after the planting the teachers had to replant the plants in perfect straight rows.

Tomorrow - Sam's Soccer Game.


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