Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dan, My Sausage Man!

Yes, as with most festivals, food is an important part. As you know the majority of food is healthy - low fat, high in fiber, and low in caloric content. I LIE!!!!

Dan, my best buddy, loves the Italian Sausage wagons. These photos are to get Mr. Dan salivating!

I came across this fellow who had constructed this amazing giant grill. It was loaded with the good stuff. Peppers, onions, potatoes, corned beef, and, yep, Italian sausage were all sizzling on the stainless steel surface!

This fellow indicated that he had designed and assembled the grill. It was constructed with $7000 in materials. This grill would really impress your relatives at family reunions.

The Festival had everything from pizza, chinese food, ice cream, candy, and pretty much anything else you would want. Sorry, there was no steamed broccoli nor fresh veggie trays!

I am always impressed with the contrast in this Festival with our WV State Folk Festival. One major difference is the Spencer festival has a very large carnival with over 25 rides and a plethora of games and other opportunities for money loss.

Mom and Judy stopped by a booth that had prizes of giant stuffed rats! Seems like everyone would really want several of these rodents.

The reason we were at the carnival is that we had to pass through to get to the public library, the site of the Quilt Show. Guess who was the instigator of seeing the quilts? You guessed it - JUDY!


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