Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Black Walnut Festival

Top of the day to you! On Friday we drove to Spencer to visit with Mom and share this year's Black Walnut Festival with her. The ole oil rig was popping with the sound of its 2-cycle engine. The Hertiage Park was a busy place.

The Heritage Park Community Building was the site of the 4-H exhibits. Lots of good food, crafts, vegetables, and canned goods were on display.

Judy and I have done almost no canning during our 41 years. A person really has to appreciate the beauty of all these wonderful "air tights", which in mountain language refers to the canning jars.

Judy and I went next door to pick up Mom at the one room school house. Our plan was to go to the Kid's Parade at noon.

We found friend, Louise Garrett, welcoming visitors.

Mom was beside her looking pensive. We spent some time looking for Mom's sunglasses - to no avail. Her son (Moi) came to the rescue and provided her with a pair.

We were off to Main Street to watch the first of the Black Walnut Festival Parades.


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