Monday, September 29, 2008

Fungus In The Garden
Top of the morning to you. Fall is here and the trees are beginning to shed their leaves. No big color change yet. We are a couple of weeks away from the prime color show that the deciduous trees provide. During some years the colors are truly dazzling.

The hickory and walnuts by the house are starting to play war with the roof. In years when the nut production tis great (like this year), the nuts falling on our metal roof is quite a loud sound.

I took these photos of a fungus growing beneath the feeder. These fungal fruiting bodies last just a few days and then they collapse into a black slimy clump. I do not know fungal species so I need help here. If you know this beast, leave a message. All I do know for certain is that we are NOT eating these critters. There are too many folks that have died an uncomfortable death by eating poisonous fungi. I love my liver too much to allow fungal toxins to enter and destroy its function. Liver transplants are not common surgeries and a surgery, I am certain, I would not enjoy!

My idea is to enjoy the beauty of these critters and let the picking and eating to the experts.


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