Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Fox Update

Do you remember that in July, I discovered a red fox in the backyard? That was on July 24th. See blog at that date (scroll down to the 24th). http://jimmeads.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html

As you recall, the nice lad who collected the fox indicated that he would have it tested and let us know if it was positive for the rabies virus. No report so I though that it was not a rabid critter. WRONG! Got a call today from our friend, Jessica Shreve, who is now with the Gilmer County Health Department. Seems that she has just received a report from the lab that indicated it was a rabid fox.

I remember when our good friend Teddy McDonald was in the earlier stages of Lou Gehrig's disease. His grandkids were visiting he and Phyllis at the Laneville house when a groundhog was acting funny. The kids ran into the house. Teddy took his shotgun out and saw the critter was chewing on the metal downspouts of the house. Not a good sign. The grounghog ran to the cars and started chewing on the tires of the car!

Teddy pointed the gun at the groundhog which immediately ran toward him. He pulled the trigger and the gun misfired. Because of his Lou Gehrig's disease, he stumbled and fell. He was able to hold the groundhog off by pressing his gun on its body. The beast was inches from his head. A relative in the house saw what was happening and grabbed a 45 caliber pistol and ran to Teddy's side. He shot the groundhog inches from Teddy's head. Teddy was lucky - the ground is very rocky and the bullet could have been deflected into his body. His ears were ringing for several days. The DNR tested the grounghog for rabies and it came back also positive.

Happy we did not have that type of story to relate!


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