Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black Walnut Festival Quilt Show

The good wife loves the quilts (no surprise). I do enjoy the craft and art that goes into each quilt. We were both struck with the following quilt from Africa. What a happy combination of colors!

Here is the best in show prize winner. This appliquied quilt was created by a lady from Braxton County. Seems that several of the major winners were from the quilt guilds in our areal

The horse wall hanging was quilted by Erma Miller.
My second quilt choice was this lovely wave pattern.

The tree wall hanging below is the work of Erma Miller from Spencer.

Here are several other examples from the show.

This friendly lady, Elonda, was in charge of welcoming folks to the quilt show.

Judy commented that she thought this was the best Black Walnut Festival quilt show in the past few years. We leave you with a quit made by Rosie Fisher of Braxton County.


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