Friday, October 17, 2008

Black Walnut Festival - Final View
Just a few final snapshots of the parade and then I will leave our postings of the 2008 Black Walnut Festival. When I was in high school, I was a member of the Spencer High School band. I played the trumpet (BADLY!) I still enjoy watching the bands march in the parade.

Boy, I must be getting old! Seems that the majority of songs the bands played were the modern show tunes such as songs from "Phantom of The Opera" or country songs. One band did play one of my standards, "American Patrol", and it brought back really neat memories.

Convertibles were filled with important young ladies, such as Miss West Virginia.

The shriners were there with 100 plus members doing everthing from riding in floats, driving mini-race cars, motorcycles, and other motorized units.

Fire departments from many counties are always welcome units and scattered throughout the length of the parade.

I loved this fine canine. He watched the parade with composure. Well, UNTIL the horses ended the parade. He went crazy with barking and wanting to attack those hooved beasts. His master had to hold him down and restrain him by clamping his mouth shut until the horses had passed!


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