Sunday, August 24, 2008

Appalachian Power Baseball Park

Pix and Dan invited us to Charleston on Friday evening to attend the GSC Alumni Gathering at the Appalachian Power Baseball Park.

We remember when the old Charleston’s minor league team, the Alley Cats, played at Watt Powell Park in Kanawha City — the home of minor league baseball for half a century. I think I may have attended one event at the old park.

I guess Watt Powell and the Alley Cats were out of step with what was happening in professional baseball nationally. Fans weren’t eager to watch games in a dilapidated relic of a baseball park. A new baseball field in downtown Charleston — Appalachian Power Park — opened the door in 2005 for the renaissance of baseball in the state capital. Renamed the West Virginia Power, Charleston’s entry in the South Atlantic League debuted in spring 2005 in the shiny new ballpark.

The four of us attended the GSC buffet. (OK- we give the food a C- at the best - this review has been emailed directly to the Food Network) We did however enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones.

Judy and Pix are eagerly awaiting the game! (Did I say eagerly?)

Our friend, Janet Bailey, who is a GSC faculty member, greeted us at the entrance to the park.

Here is a new lad that has just been hired on the GSC campus, Danny Nicholson. We were impressed with his enthusiasm and people skills.

Here is a fellow who was at Glenville in the position of Dean of Men when I was a student. This is Bill Deal, who now lives in Milton, WV. He was Dean at the time when beannies where required to be worn by students. Oh, he was also familar with a series of panty raids. (That is another story!) Do students these days know what fun panty raids were? (I have heard only through second hand stories about these rites of college days.)

You would think Dan is busy studying the statistics for the upcoming game. He is really filling out a form that may be chosen from 10,000 others to win a prize. (Fries at McDonalds, free smoothie from Target, and other equally impressive prizes)It is time to play ball!
The Power played the Ashville Tourists. We left around midway through the game. We needed to retreat to Pix and Dan's for some fresh peach cobbler. By the way, the Appalachian Power team did win - so says the Charleston Gazette.

I would love to have participated in the games that appeared between innings. I know I could have easily won over Dan in this rolling ball event. Judy and I enjoyed the evening with Pix and Dan, but we have doubts that we would purchase season tickets to the baseball games.


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