Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It Came From Nowhere!

How many times have we heard this statement? It refers to the deer that magically appears in front of you as you drive down the road. It happened to us last evening. Driving home from Clarksburg, we entered the hamlet of Sand Fork at 8:34 P.M. Judy was driving and this large herbivore jumped in front of our 1999 Dodge Voyager. (This car is amazing - it has 182,000 miles and is still dancing down the road!)

Judy did wonderfully and did as Dan Johnson, our State Farm agent always says "Hit the sucker and DO NOT SWERVE TO MISS THE DEER."

According to State Farm Insurance(R) claims data, the vehicles that are most likely to collide with a deer are in West Virginia. Using its deer claims data from the last half of 2006 and the first half of 2007 and motor vehicle registration counts by state from the Federal Highway Administration, State Farm estimates the chances of a West Virginia vehicle colliding with a deer over the next 12months at 1 in 57. That is nearly three times more likely than one estimate of thepossibility that a person will be audited by the Internal Revenue Service in 2008 and 5,000 times more likely than another approximation of the chance that an individual will be struck by lightning between now and a year from now.

We were lucky in regard to vehicle damage. The deer somehow missed denting the sides and the only damage occurred on the hood.

We see our friendly State Farm adjustor on Thursday. There is no deductible required for der collisions.

I am always amazed when folks have collisons with other large animals. Moose would be a deadly possibility with it's weight and high center of gravity. How about the horse below? Yep, we are extremely lucky!


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