Monday, August 25, 2008

Capitol Market
Before we left Charleston on Saturday. Judy wanted to stop by the Capitol Farmers Market and get fresh produce. It is a wonderful array of fresh veggies and fruits. The market is a delight to visit at all seasons. We love spring at the market. At this time, the vendors always present an outstanding display of flowers. Tis really beautiful!

If you are not familar with this market, Capitol Market is located on a portion of the rail yards property originally developed by the New York Central Railroad Company in the late 1800's. The only remaining building was originally a transfer dock and warehouse for the railroad. It had been used for years to transfer goods from rail to truck for distribution. In the 1970's the rail yard business ceased and for many decades the building was neglected or sporadically utilized for storage and recycling.

Revitalization came in the mid 1990's as Charleston Renaissance spearheaded a task force which included officials from the City of Charleston, Kanawha County, Charleston Urban Renewal, West Virginia Department of Agriculture and the Sate of West Virginia to create what is now Capitol Market. The Market is located on the north end of Capitol Street in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. It opened in 1997.

Today you will see an eclectically designed and renovated railroad transfer dock that captures the essence of an outdoor farmers' market and plays host to many indoor specialty shops featuring everything from fresh, simple foods to gourmet pleasures and including a full-scale restaurant serving fine Italian cuisine.

Dan is an avid shopper. His strategy is much like mine. Watch the vegetables and other produce and they will magically appear in your cart. (Wives have an intregal part in this shopping method!)

Above is Judy doing OUR shopping!

It will be not long when the season arrives when the pumpkins will be dominating the scene.

I had to select the corn. See I shop - with the urging of the wife!

If you all have never experienced the market, it is well worth a visit.


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