Wednesday, November 07, 2012

 Trick or Treat

Judy and I have been gone for several days.  We were taking care of the boys while Mom and Dad were in Los Vegas.  We went to their house on Wednesday and was there for a wet and cold trick or treat experience.  Sam dressed as a referee and Nate was a zombie!

We were in charge of distributing a plethora of candy to the goblins.  Sarah was home, but left for Pittsburgh around 9 PM.  Jeff was already in Vegas.  She flew out early Thursday morning.

Here are some samplings of the critters that showed up at the front door.

After returning from trick of treat, Sam had to show us his vampire teeth.

Nate immediately dumped his candy on the floor so he could better assess his treasures.

I was thinking how this holiday has changed.  It is such a great evening celebration outing.  Thankfully, there is not the meanness that had presented its head during my youth.  I remember when egg throwing at cars and houses occurred regularly throughout the night.  (Of course I never participated in this ritual!)  In my day (Man, I sound old!) we left the house in costume with a treat bag and also a bar of soap.  I bet none of these kids had a bar of Dove with them - nor did they know that, if treats were not available at a house, then soaping the windows was appropriate!

Next Nate's Halloween Party.


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