Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Davis Family Reunion - Part One

On Monday, October 15, 2012 Uncle Gary, Aunt Allene, and Aunt Jan flew from Seattle, Washington.  Gary and Allene arrived in Charleston.  Jan got off in D.C to visit her sister Gwen, and husband Woody, who live in Falls Church, Virginia.  Gary and Allene rented a car at the airport and drove to Spencer.  On Tuesday of last week we traveled to Canaan Valley and all gathered at our favorite rental house, Cedar Creek in Winterset.

The fall foliage was spectacular in the mountains around Buckhannon and Elkins.  The foliage was past peak in Canaan Valley, but still beautiful.

We planned the menus before we arrived.  As you would expect there was a plethora of food!  Sister Judy and wife Judy were in charge of the gourmet offerings.

On Wednesday, I traveled from Canaan Valley to Wardensville to met Aunt Jan.  Wardensville is 1/2 way between Canaan and Falls Church.  I met Gwen, Woody, and Aunt Jan at the Kac-Ka-Pon Restaurant. 

It was quite a wonderfully exciting trip for me.  As I drove around Mt. Storm, a mother bear and two young cubs crossed the road in front of the van.  It was a great experience!  As I entered the new Corridor H highway which extends from Maysville, near Dolly Sods, to Wardensville, I noticed some avian action on the right side of the road ahead.  Oh, my, there were 2 beautiful mature Bald Eagles and a large immature eagle.  They flew parallel to the van for a short stance.  I was blessed!

Aunt Jan showed Brother-law Bill the path we traveled.

Dinners were special.  We served during the three days smoked chicken, stuffed peppers, and baked steak with all the trappings.

 Uncle Gary was the only person who ventured into the  hot tub on the deck.

On Thursday we conducted a tour of the area for our Washington State relatives.  Blackwater Falls is always a great location.

Here are Gary, Allene, Judy, and Jan at the overlook at the Blackwater Gorge.

You can see that the foliage is waning at this time.

Blackwater Falls is always special.  The Blackwater River was low but the falls was still a great sight.

As we left Cedar Creek cabin on Friday morning, the fog was lifting from the valley.  It was a beautiful fall day as we traveled home.

Bill and Judy traveled to Spencer.  Judy and I led the Washington State family to our hamlet of Glenville.


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