Friday, September 28, 2012

  Fifty Year Reunion
 of the Class of 1962
 Parkersburg High School
September 21-22, 2012

Charlene, Linda, and I went through all twelve grades together.

I told them I could still  see them hitting softballs at Lincoln Grade School.

Shirley and Frank Davis invited us to stay at their home.

After high school, Shirley and I went on to Glenville State and were roommates for two years. Then they fell in love and got married.

We had a wonderful time visiting.  Shirley creates beautiful art with needles and threads.  Her latest wall hanging in batik fabric is going to be spectacular.  She has inspired me to clean up my sewing room (alias junk hole).  

If you haven't found Mary B's Restaurant in South Parkersburg, you need to go there and have breakfast.  We did not have tummy room for pie, but learned that they are very yummy.  Yes, pie can be eaten at breakfast.

 Shirley and I sing the Alma Mater and our class song  --  along with our classmates.  We were not "the" featured act   ---  but we could have been.  We acted up all the time.

The entertainment

Find the woman in the long black dress standing on the right. I am the second person to her right, wearing a lavender jacket. In my opinion, those people who can sit on the floor and then get UP again should have been given a free meal. 

Thank you to all who did the planning and organizing so that we could have the opportunity to fellowship and to remember.


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