Saturday, October 27, 2012

 Birthday Update

The wife knew exactly what I would enjoy for my 66th birthday - technology.  Judy gifted me with the newest iPod nano and a wonderful bluetooth JamBox.  The Jambox connects to the ipod and the iphone wirelessly.  We can listen to music anywhere.  The rechargeable battery life of the JamBox (Made by Jawbone) is 10 hours of continued operation. (Recharge time only 2 1/2 hours)

The storage capacity of the iPod is amazing.  I have loaded 75 CD albums. (Approximately 3 days of listening experience.) I also have 110 pod-casts of Garrison Keillor's News From Lake Wobegon.  In addition I also have three audio books on the critter.  I still have about 40% storage still available.  Here are the albums that I have stored on the iPod.


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