Wednesday, October 24, 2012

 Davis Reunion - Part 2

Our Washington State family and Grandma Meads stayed with us in Glenville on Friday night.  Aunt Jan teaches piano lessons.  Mom and Aunt Jan gave us a sampling of their skills.

We were getting ready to eat.  Chili and pepperoni rolls were on the tables.  Of course, pepperoni rolls had to be shared since they are a local invention.  

A car pulled up in the driveway.  Who was visiting?  Wow, Sarah and Jeff arrived with the boys.  How wonderful!

Sarah modeled the GSC Pioneer hat that was worn by Jessie Chapman when he was the Pioneer.

Now, if Aunt Jan can teach Nate chop sticks she is certainly a teaching wonder!

We settled in for the meal.  Nate and Sam entertained us with a great show of charades.  What fun it was!

On Saturday our family had to leave for Spencer.  They did visit the Glenville Farmers Market before they left.  The gals (and Gary) were admiring the hand crafted jewelry.

I am not certain what amazed Aunt Jan?  They did buy some necklaces to take back with them to the Pacific Northwest.

It was a blessing to have these folks visit! 


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