Monday, October 01, 2012

 Rovio Returns

On Thursday of this past week, I downloaded the newest game from Rovio.  Dan, I would suggest you do this also - this game is YOU.  Rovio is the software company that produced the ever successful Angry Birds.

Here is a portion of the review from Winda Benedett.

You really can't go wrong spending the pocket change or the time it'll cost you to buy and play the newest game from the creators of "Angry Birds." When it comes to puzzle gaming for your mobile device, "Bad Piggies" really is the whole hog.

The "Angry Birds" spinoff from Finnish game company Rovio (which launched in Apple's App store Thursday - September 27, 2012) has everything you'd want from a great mobile game — the bright art, oddly lovable characters, ear-worm music and, most importantly, the highly-polished, infectious and thought-provoking puzzle gameplay you can jump into and out of at (almost) a moment's notice. 

But let's get something straight: Though this game is clearly a sister/spin-off/sequel to the phenomenally successful Angry Birds games,  there is nary a slingshot or irate avian to be found in "Bad Piggies." As the name implies, this game is all about the birds' egg-thieving nemesis. And, more importantly, "Bag Piggies" has a gameplay mechanic all its own.

"Bad Piggies" will require more of you — and your brain — than the Angry Birds games do. While you can kind of mindlessly send your birds slingshotting through the air in "Angry Birds," you can't just mindlessly send your piggy rolling down a hill ... at least not if you want to be remotely successful.

You need to think about what you're building, you need to refine your work and you'll need to stay focused as your pig is in motion. It will certainly take you more time to get into the groove of this game — and that could be offputting to some casual players. But ultimately this is a good thing. "Bad Piggies" is, in many ways, more challenging than its angry brethren and, I think, because of that it is more rewarding. It really is an absolute joy to see your pig fly ... and reach his destination in one piece.


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