Thursday, November 08, 2012

 Nate's Halloween Party

On Thursday (Nov 1) Judy and I had the pleasure of attending Nate's Halloween party at Simpson Methodist Church.  The kids started the festivities with a parade through the hallway.

There were 12 kids present this day.  The costumes were great and the kids were so cute.

Grandma fixed Nate's hair with gel so he would be more zombie like.  He did not walk like a zombie - nor did he mumble "BRAINS!  (OK- you non zombie people should know that all zombies want to eat your BRAINS!)

Here are some views of other kids in Nate's school.

While the kids were finishing up a short film, the moms and grandmas prepared snacks for the party treat.

Nate immediately started sampling the Halloween cupcakes and fruit cup.

The other kids quickly got into the treats.

Velva arrived a little before 11.  She and Nate were having lunch together.  It was certainly a fun time.


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