Saturday, September 08, 2012

WVU and Marshall

I placed this photo of Sam on Facebook.  It was taken on Saturday, September 1, when Sam returned from the WVU/Marshall football game.  Yes, WVU won, but a cute story I have to relate to you all.

Sam came back to Bridgeport with Grandma Shirley.  When they left, Shirley was wearing a tie dyed shirt that she purchased when we were in the Turks and Caicos.  When she arrived I noticed she was donning a gold WVU t shirt.  What happened?  It seems Sam was a little upset with the tie dyed shirt.  WHY?  It had green among the colors.  Sam was afraid that people would think she is for Marshall.

Like a good grandma, she purchased a true WVU fan shirt and changed.  Sam was happy!!  Grandma Shirley, you are super!


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